Media Release


Media Release
Latrobe Energy continue to seek Expressions of Interest from both players and coaches for the 2019 VJBL Season.
We have had the following player registrations:
Under 21 Boys – 1 – Coach required
Under 21 Girls – 0 – Coach required
Under 18 Boys – 7
Under 18 Girls – Coach sending invites
Under 16 Boys – 21
Under 16 Girls – 11 – Coach required
Under 14 Boys – 10 – Coach required
Under 14 Girls – 12
Under 12 Boys – 5 – Coach required
Under 12 Girls – 2 – Coach required

The club is keen to hear from anyone that might be interested in Coaching any of the teams above where it states coach required.
A great, rewarding challenge coaching at this level with some of the best kids from in and around Gippsland.
Tryout registrations are closing soon so that Coaches can plan their tryout sessions, so if you have yet to register, please do so.
The club is keen to have teams in each of the age groups, so if you know of anyone that might be interested, please share this information with them.

Any questions about coaching or playing, please contact the club via email at

Thank you.

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