Too Competitive?


With News that the AFL is going to stop scoring in U8 and U10 competitions, it is a great opportunity to think about what we want out of sport for our Children.

For what it is worth, my view is that as Parents and Coaches we focus too much on winning and not enough on what else sport can offer.

At the very minimum, we should be looking at skill development and improvement of our children / players as a level of success, not wins.

But Sport offers so much more than that!

“….sport is actually great practice for life. There are winners and losers, triumphs and disappointments, frustrations and heartbreaks, rules and consequences” (from attached link).

Are we missing the opportunity to help our players learn about life through sport…. how they cope and build resilience.

Maybe move the conversation away from minutes played, wins and losses and focus on how they are coping with tough decisions, disappointments and conflicts.

Empower your child to deal with these themselves and don’t protect them too much!

The link below from Mama Mia is well worth a read: -